How to choose a men’s suits that looks good.

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Wearing a suit is no longer restricted to only formal events. It can be seen that fashion suits are similar to casual clothes that can be worn in general according to the style of each person. Whether you put it in to help increase your credibility You can wear it to work. Or hanging out with friends looks perfect.

Preppy Boy

     Reduce the level of neatness a bit with this look by choosing to match with a suit to look stylish like a good city student. The interesting thing about wearing a suit is its use. Colors that add an interesting dimension, such as beige pants and a dark suit. and the color of the tie that contrasts with the suit shirt Fold up the pants legs to create a small detail. Finish it off with loafers or leather shoes. Now you’re ready to go to any event. Report by โปรโมชั่น ufabet

Business Guy

     Opening with the first look wearing a suit in a businessman’s look where neatness must come first. Starting with the undershirt, which is a chambray shirt and slim slacks. Layer it with a suit jacket. If you want to add neatness, add a necktie or bow tie. Complete the look with Oxford leather shoes or loafers. You’ll be ready to go out immediately. If you want to look sharper and take it to the next level. Choose the same color tone for both the top and bottom. and use simple, solemn tones such as grey, blue and black.

Ready to Work

     If the event you have to go to doesn’t involve a party But it’s a working day where you have to meet important people. or conference Wearing a suit in this style is considered to be the answer. The match starts with a polite colored shirt. Or if you want more flexibility You can choose a plain colored t-shirt and wear it with a suit jacket. Finally, complete the look with white sneakers. It’s called getting the look that kills two birds with one stone. Because it’s suitable for both going to work It’s also a look that’s ready for after-work parties.

Retro Vibes

     A look in a suit inspired by an old era. Or you can call it a vintage style suit. The overall styling of this look will be seen as being oversized before. The upper part is wearing a long-sleeved shirt. Or a denim shirt Then layer it with another suit jacket. Choose loose-fitting slacks in the same color as your suit. Finish with a matching tie. Now you have a retro look with a classic touch. It’s comfortable to wear to work.

Keep Suit Casual

     Finishing off with a style of wearing a suit to an event that doesn’t emphasize formality. On this occasion we can wear a suit in a more casual style  by matching it with an Oxford shirt. Ready to layer with a loose-fitting suit in a polite color. As for the bottom, wearing jeans still makes sense. Wearing leather shoes or sneakers is not considered inappropriate.