How to use a hair dryer to keep your hair beautiful and not dry and damaged.

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Hair is a step after washing your hair that many people may have thought was not important. Just finish blowing. It would be enough. But do you really know. So will my hair be beautiful and healthy. Part of it depends on how to use a hair dryer. That’s because blow drying your hair. It’s something we do regularly. If we have always done it the right way Beautiful, healthy hair probably isn’t going anywhere.

How to dry your hair so it doesn’t get damaged.

Have you ever thought that Why do some people use hair dryers so often. But my hair is still soft and smooth. It’s not dry and split ends like hair that is frequently exposed to heat, like actors and actresses who have to do their hair and blow dry their hair every day. But why does the hair still look beautiful and healthy.

After washing your hair, blot the hair until it is well damp. or blow with cool air first.

Many people are impatient and want their hair to dry quickly after washing it. The hot air function in hair dryers is often used. Or blow dry hair that is wet immediately. Which is hurting me without us knowing.

Our hair is at its weakest after washing. Or when our hair is wet Plus it didn’t make my hair dry as quickly as we thought. But what is the best way to use a hair dryer to dry it quickly. That doesn’t make your hair dry and damaged. Let us use a towel to gently blot the hair until it is damp. And equally important is We shouldn’t rub our hair to make it dry faster. Because it will cause hair to fall out easily. Until in the end, my hair was thin and I didn’t realize it. Report by ufabet

Apply hair serum when hair is damp.

When we blot the hair until it is dry and damp, we nourish the hair with serum. By dropping approximately 2-3 drops of serum or according to the length of the hair. Don’t do too much because it will make the hair limp. But if you put in too little, it won’t nourish you thoroughly. By putting serum on the ends of the hair. to increase natural oils and restores moisture to the hair after shampooing.

The serum we recommend for people who regularly use hair dryers and straighteners is argan oil. which will restore moisture to the hair and helps nourish hair that is regularly exposed to heat And for people who regularly color, straighten, or bleach their hair. Using a serum containing keratin will effectively help restore hair that has lost protein from chemicals.

In addition to the oil mentioned here There are many other hair serums, which we should choose to suit our hair condition. To restore beautiful hair after styling.

Dry your hair using a wide stream of air and avoid using hot air to dry your hair.

After applying the serum, use a hair dryer with a large mouthpiece to dry your hair using cool air. Do not use hot air for blowing. No matter how much you hurry Because it will make your hair dry and damaged. and split ends easily.

The secret to blow drying air faster is: After absorbing the water with a towel until the hair is damp. Cover your hair with another towel. Then blow dry your hair through a towel. The towel will help absorb the water. And it doesn’t make our hair dry or damaged either.

Blow from the base to the tip.

After that, remove the towel. Divide your hair into sections and use hot air to blow dry your hair from the roots to the ends. The thing that must be remembered well is Do not let the mouth of the dryer be closer than 6 inches from your hair, and do not let the air flow perpendicular to your scalp. Blow air in parallel directions only.

Use gentle air to blow all over your head. and ended with a cool breeze.

Don’t be impatient. Gently use gentle wind to blow all over your head. and does not stop at just one point. When drying your hair with hot air until it’s dry. Change to using cool air. To keep the hair in shape and shiny If anyone doesn’t put serum or oil on their hair when their hair is damp. You can also put it on dry hair after blow drying.