Ways to make your lips plump and sexy without having to use fillers.

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Nowadays, many like to walk into a beauty clinic to have the doctor inject filler to increase the size of their lips make your lips plump. But if you don’t want to get hurt, there is another way to help make your lips look plumper in the blink of an eye. That is, use the technique of applying lipstick.

How to apply lipstick to make your lips plump, Sai Fo style.

Step 1: Erase the original lip line first. Use concealer on the lip line and blend it out to cover up dark circles and make the original lip line look blurry. Report by สมัคร ufabet

Step 2: Choose a lip color that is similar to the color. our real mouth such as nude lip tones Apply all over the lips. Slightly beyond the actual lip line , or use lip liner to draw the lip line slightly beyond it as well. Then, apply your favorite color lipstick without overlapping the newly drawn lip line. If you like the edges of your lips to be fluffy, you can use a lip brush to blend them out to make the edges of your lips look softer.

Step 3: Apply lip gloss to add plumpness. Glitter to the lips Focus on applying it in the center of the mouth, extending slightly beyond the edges. Butrium recommends choosing a clear lip gloss that has a cool effect. It will make your lips look fuller and bigger. 

Step 4 : Apply highlighter above the jawline. Helps make the mouth shape beautiful. Looks full and has clear lips. 

Step 5 : Use contour to create a shadow under the lower lip. It will make the lower lip line clearer. Mouths look plumper too.

For the mouth shape Butrium recommends choosing matte or velvet lipstick. It will make your lips look smooth, soft, and plump in Sai Fo style. 

Come prepare your lips to be smooth, soft, and moisturized. Ready to apply lipstick first. You will be able to apply lipstick and your lips will be as beautiful as lips that were injected with filler. Butrium recommends taking care of your lips in 2 steps:

1. Scrub your lips to remove dead skin cells. Helps keep lips smooth and flaky. Recommended to scrub your lips 1 – 2 times a week.

2.Lip balm nourishes lips Add moisture to make your lips smooth, soft, and healthy. You should apply lip balm regularly. Don’t let your lips dry.