The ultimate Mahjong strategy to win overwhelming!

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The ultimate Mahjong strategy to win overwhelming!

Mahjong was originally a popular card game in China. But nowadays Mahjong has become more popular among. Thai gamblers and is also available in UFABET  . Mahjong sets can roughly divide into the following categories: Scramble, Snare, Four-Way, and a set of dragons and the equipment to play is the dice will use all 3 balls before starting to study the strategy of playing

That Let’s get to know the main words Use in playing mahjong is phoning (three identical cards, also known as three cards), battling (three sequenced cards), batting (4 same cards), and sitting (two same cards or called pairs)

Mahjong Strategy

  1. Because the rules of Mahjong are quite complicated. The first strategy is that you have to learn and understand it thoroughly. Before playing Regardless of each type of card set, vocabulary, number of players. So that when you start playing so there will no confusion or misunderstanding about the conditions
  2. Opponent’s card collection to be able to change the game to win There are four methods of collecting cards:
  • put in a collection
  • keep in tong set
  • keep in a collection
  • collect manok

in which to keep You only need to combine one of these four sets. And can only collect the ones that the other player has just dropped.

3. Draw a card from the deck. is to draw a new card You can then choose a play style as follows.

  • gable Here you will be able to get more points.
  • Knockout – After Draw The cards we have are almost complete, you can knock, which must be dark knock only (dark knock is knocking without collecting a single card from the player).
  • Knock Knock – If it’s a four-player game You will be able to eat around the table.

4. Special Knocking – This Knocking Method There are many forms:

  • Knock 7 Pairs : Knocking by having a total of 7 pairs of cards.
  • Direction Knock: Collecting the cards of the direction you have. This way you will get more points.

5. Color play – is to collect multiple cards of the same color, such as all ten thousand or all coins. which this strategy you will get high points

6. Playing with colors plus three – similar to playing with colors. but is a collection of colored cards And keep all the same numbers as well. Like this, the points will be very high as well.

7. Yo Nine – is to collect all three cards of all 3 colors, collect three cards 9, collect any pair of 9 cards.