Arsenal 2-0 defeat at Newcastle in the Premier League on Monday night

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Arsenal 2-0 defeat at Newcastle in the Premier League on Monday night

Newcastle thumped Arsenal 2-0 at home with two goals in the half. After Ben White’s 56th-minute own goal and Bruno Guimaraice’s late 85th-minute shot took three points. The final home match of the season beautifully

Start the first half as Newcastle. Who seem to do better in the first 10 minutes. But still couldn’t find a rhythm to finish.

In the 17th minute Longstaff had a chance to win a semi-final half-pass. Causing Ramsdale to exert force and turn it off in time.

In the 23rd minute the visiting team fire on target for the first time. From Saka’s shot. But still went straight for Dubravka.

After that, it was the locals who almost folded the invasion field on one side.

In the 36th minute, Saint-Maximin dragged one. Cut in and press with the right. The ball went straight into the first post. But Ramsdale was still a super save.

And at the end of the first 45 minutes, it’s still 0-0.

Starting in the second half, only 11 minutes to go, the home team was able to lead 1-0, succeeding from the moment that Jolinton fell to the left. Before opening into the middle and was Ben White who knocked into his own goal.

In the 63rd minute, Callum Wilson had a chance to volley, but the ball went over the crossbar only slightly.

In the 72nd minute, Wilson had a chance to shoot in the penalty area again. But to block the visiting team defender to glide over the beam unfortunately

In the 79th minute, Murphy’s substitute dropped one, but Ramsdale still saved it narrowly.

Two minutes later, Wilson fired a long-range shot. And the ball swept over Ramsdale’s head. But the curve fell out of the frame.

83rd minute Odegaard has a chance to shoot in the penalty area. but also to block the local players

In the 85th minute, Newcastle score the second goal from the stroke of the ball in front of the penalty area. Before bolstering back into the penalty area, Ramsdale came out to beat Bruno’s clear shot into the goal.

Late in the game, Gale finished in the penalty area. But once again, Ramsdale still saved the team.

And at the end of 90 minutes, Arsenal defeated Newcastle 2-0. Report from UFABET