Former Arsenal footballer warns Saka think twice

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Former Arsenal footballer warns Saka think twice. Before deciding to move

Ex- Arsenal defender Bacary Sagna has warn Bukayo Saka he will be cautious about a summer transfer. After being link with several Premier League clubs now. According to the UFABET.

The England winger returned to outstanding form to help Mikel Arteta’s team secure a top-four contender until the final corner. and earned him the title of a Candidate in the Player of the Season award.

Because of this, Saka has gained attention and has been link with big clubs, including Manchester City and Liverpool. Where senior footballer Bacary Sagna has warned that he must think carefully about this.

“The fans showed a lot of love for him. And he’s been a key player in the team in recent years as well. He’s young, he’s made great progress. It’s important for England and wants to play every game.”

“He has to go on the pitch to improve his pace. I’m not sure if he could make an impact like this if he moved to Manchester City or play like that there. But it’s personal. It was his personal choice. and his feelings and what he really wants.”

“Of course City has a bigger team structure they can be divided into two top teams. But at his age should spend more time thinking about what he wants. And should be sure it will make him a better player for his club. Before considering a move.”