Newcastle United 2-0 Arsenal: Responding to hot topics

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Newcastle United 2-0 Arsenal: Responding to hot topics. After the Premier League game. the Gunners will face the Champions League final next season.

1. Newcastle folds the stadium

Before the game, many people would think that Arsenal. Would come invade the form with the need for 3 points to chase the top 4. While Newcastle did not have a chance to win anything and would play comfortably, not focusing too much. But in reality this is not so. 

Because since the start of the game. The locals are the ones who open the game to invade. The kind that are not afraid of the prestige of the visiting team at all. Which they did well by being in possession of the attacking ball, forcing the visitors to play only defensively. Until the second half Salika Dong Still going forward relentlessly and coming out of the door leading from Ben White’s own goal. Before the last 15 minutes to start the game and switch to a counter-attack. Which is the source of the second ball. Picked up 3 points in the final home game to dominate beautifully tonight. Report from UFABET

2. Weaknesses of the attack game, artillery

from the poor performance in this game One thing. That’s evident Arsenal’s young attacking powers seem to dislike the most is that Eddie Howe has instructed his players to be tough on tackle. and diligently run and squeeze the high area Until today. The fiery rising stars of the artillery hardly go together. Because besides the little time and space to play with the ball. They also have a tough injury with a ball-to-to-man touch throughout the game. Causing the overall attacking game to fall far below the norm in this game.

3. Salika’s offensive game is superior

In addition to Arsenal’s offensive game in this game that is lower than the standard. Defensively still leaking. They seem to have a clear problem dealing with both the speed and strength of Newcastle’s Allan Saint-Maximin striker. Who today dragged themselves through. Callum Wilson. Who is quick and hard to block the ball. Can rest comfortably in the front, or even Jolinton and Bruno Guimaraice. Who keep moving. Finding space in the defensive line, artillery all the time. May cause many people to be confused as to which team is the big team that has it all.

4. Arsenal with high chances of missing the top 4

With two consecutive defeats (3-0 defeat to Spurs, 2-0 defeat to Newcastle). Arsenal’s current situation is extremely risky not to go. Champions League Next season. Despite having barely surpassed Chelsea a week earlier, they were actually 3rd. With the Gunners still in fifth place, a point away from Tottenham Hotspur. 4 are on 2 points, plus the goal is to lose 15 goals. So the only way they can create a miracle is to beat Everton in the last game and hope for the Golden Spikes to lose to the Norwich team. Plum that has already been relegate. If you listen to this. Many people will definitely agree that the Gunners will have a high chance of disappointment more than 90% ever.