Ranking the 10 best managers in the world at the moment

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Ranking the 10 best managers in the world at the moment

  • A series that ranks the best coaches in the world today.
  • The team manager is the most important best managers position that is responsible for leading the team to achieve its goals.
  • Count down the top 25 trainers who are said ทางเข้า ufabet to be the best in the world.

1. Pep Guardiola

There is no coach in football more successful than Guardiola, and his record of winning one championship per season will continue. Which is not too much to say. He is the best manager currently. And maybe the best it’s ever been.

2. Jurgen Klopp

Liverpool fans are still grieving the news that Klopp will leave Anfield at the end of the season. The German has truly revolutionized the Reds since joining the team in 2015, and over the past nine years, what he has created has become something of a legend.

3. Carlo Ancelotti

If Real Madrid can win La Liga or the Champions League this year with Joselu as their only centre-forward option, Ancelotti should rise to number one. No one dares to deny it.

4.Simone Inzaghi

The main reason why Inter reached the UEFA Champions League final last season and close to winning the Serie A championship this year, it is the tactical planning of and the true management of Inzaghi’s team. Currently, the “python” has definitely become a team that no one wants to face.

5. Mikel Arteta

Many saw Arteta as another failed experiment for Arsenal, but the Spaniard is gradually improving his skills. Build a team in your own way until the “Cannons” become a top team. And the challenge of winning the league 2 years in a row probably tells a lot about his potential.

6. Diego Simeone

Every time you think that Simeone’s tenure at Atletico Madrid has gone in a good direction, But the Argentinian coach Still finding new ways to develop the team all the time. and managing top teams for more than a decade It’s not easy for a team manager.

7. Unai Emery

Spanish tactical trainer Did an admirable job with Aston Villa by taking the team to 4th place in the standings and has a high chance of winning a ticket to play in the UEFA Champions League next year. Emery also made Villa become A strong team both defensively and offensively.

8. Luciano Spalletti

Spalletti vs. Napoli won the club’s first league title in 33 years last season. This is an achievement that cannot be overlooked, and now he has stepped up to take on a big job by taking charge of the Italian national team. This is also the first time working internationally.

9. Xabi Alonso

A revolutionary figure at Bayer Leverkusen, Alonso took over the team in 2022 when the “drugstore” was still in the relegation zone. But it took only one year best managers to bring the team back to winning the Bundesliga championship and has not yet lost a single game in all competitions this season, with Liverpool and Bayern trying like Even more so to grab him to manage the team.

10. Lionel Scaloni

Scaloni is the first Argentina coach to win the World Cup since 1986, defeating Deschamps’ France in the 2022 final. And what’s incredible is that, at 45 years old, he has never managed. A live team has even attended the stadium just once.