Steven Gerrard, Premier League Champion

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Steven Gerrard, Premier League Champion

The 2021-2022 Premier League season in the final game of Liverpool and Manchester City is approaching little by little. Along with news of interesting movements. Which may be considered more special than in the past 2-3 years, that has it all. Report from UFABET

It would be normal when the last game of the season was a deciding game. Because in the past we have seen each other continuously, such as Blackburn Rovers and Manchester United in the 1994-1995 season, or the most dramatic episode is Manchester City and Manchester United. When season 2011-2012

But this season is something special and more dramatic than that. When one of the key characters that will help determine the destiny of the championship is Steven Gerrard’s name.

It is well known that Stevie G was the legendary Reds captain. Who led the team to the UEFA Champions League. Biggest in 2005, but he hasn’t won a single top-flight title in his career at Anfield. 

The closest is back to the 2013-2014 season. When the legendary “slippery” famously lost to Chelsea at home at the end of the season. Which is considered one of the important events that cause the team to lose shape until the championship wins.

After 8 years, it seems like someone has written the script to give Gerrard another chance to make amends. When he had to lead Aston Villa to visit Manchester City in the final game. While Liverpool will open the home. Wolverhampton Wanderers. Who if the Reds collect 3 points and Villa collect points from the Etihad Stadium, will send the belove team to a second Premier League title in three years immediately. 

It is therefore not surprising that Red Machine fans have tweeted messages to their former captain, including two players, Philippe Coutinho and Danny Ings, to help bring the former team to Dream side in the last game

Meanwhile, Jordan Henderson spoke out after the Reds’ win over Southampton on Tuesday night. By which he said in a playful manner that he might call his old cousin, Stewie G, to encourage him to play Sunday’s game.

There are also more interesting points about the Manchester City-Villa game. When former City defender Micah Richards has reveal. That the club will receive 15 million pounds as a bonus. If Jack Grealish can lead the Blues to the Premier League title. A condition he made when he moved in the summer.

This means that if Gerrard takes his team to a point division. Makes Liverpool the champions. His club will pay off the money by default. What will it be so dramatic?